In the 1990s, a group of fashion-loving retailers shared a common vision: to create a brand that celebrated individuality, creativity and authenticity. Thus was born Lola Espeleta, a women’s ready-to-wear brand that stands out for its independence, bold style, accessible prices and unwavering commitment to multi-brand retailers.

At Lola Espeleta, we believe in the magic of details. Each garment is carefully designed, each pattern is carefully designed in-house to guarantee absolute originality. We reject the uniformity of current fashion, preferring to stand out through our creativity and uniqueness.

Aware of our responsibility towards the environment, we are transitioning towards the use of eco-responsible fabrics. We carefully select natural and sustainable materials, never compromising on quality, style or comfort.

True to our values, we resist the sirens of the internet and choose to only market our collections through independent multi-brand boutiques. We firmly believe that these stores offer the best environment to discover our creations and appreciate the materials that we have carefully selected.

For us, local commerce is also essential because it promotes human connections and supports local communities of which we are all stakeholders and which we have a duty to protect from disappearance.

Although our brand is experiencing growing success in France and in several European countries, we remain committed to selective distribution in which the points of sale with which we collaborate find their place.

Our commitment to quality, sustainability and reasonable pricing guides every decision we make, because we firmly believe that these values ​​will drive tomorrow’s fashion.

Join us in our quest for more conscious and inspiring fashion.

Welcome to the Lola Espeleta universe, where each garment tells a story and where each customer is invited to express theirs.