Lola Espeleta : a brand committed alongside its retail partners

Because we believe above all in physical stores and retail to highlight the work of our collections and offer a unique customer experience, it is exclusively through our multi-brand retail partners that we intend to market our LOLA brand ESPELETA.

Dedicated to

And by the retailers

We do not have an e-shop nor do we own stores. We don't intend to have any. As a result, our development strategy in France and Europe is different from what is generally practiced. It is based on respect for the work of each of our retail partners to whom we give free rein to develop their activity as they see fit, including online, from their own site and social networks.

No minimum
order to start

References and sizes

Finally, we do not push consumption : we have no minimum for your first order which should allow you to discover us without constraint. For the rest we would of course hope, taking into account the above, that our brand benefits from sufficient representation in your store, but you will remain free of the references and sizes that you purchase.


One retailer one area

We are vigilant about the geographical proximity of our retail partners which must not be an obstacle to their individual development : the multiplication of points of sale is not, for us, an end in itself.


Your price policy

If we provide a list of recommended public prices upon request, our barcode labels do not include any price and you therefore remain completely free to choose your pricing policy.


Photos and videos

We will provide you with several hundred shots each season, from our photo shoots, as well as video ; this is to allow you to liven up your social networks and your e-commerce site if you have one.

By becoming a partner of LOLA ESPELETA, you choose to favor French textile creation (all our models and prints are designed in our offices near Toulouse) and thus offer your customers exclusive models with selective and controlled distribution.

You will then be fully and serenely in your role by doing what you have chosen to be a retailer for: expressing your passion for fashion and your know-how in the selection of brands that you have unearthed, models and prints that you you have chosen, to make your customers want to come and especially to return to the store to receive a real welcome and real advice.